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non UV(A) blocking plastic / lens, any ideas Answered

I'm building a UV(A) 365nm powerLED lamp and need to protect the leds without loosing performance. Does anybody know of a plastic to protect the led without blocking the uv, glass is to fragile (and blocks), it's for heavy use.


Where are you getting the short(ish) wavelength LEDs? - I'm interested in some myself.
Quartz is great, but it's expensive.
Go with Raving's suggestion of polystyrene.


i'm from belgium, and I found the powerled here at Conrad


it is 365nm, the problem is the pcb, those i bought at


since I needed a lot of power, I need at least 3 led's

combined with a constant current driver


Clear polystyrene is probably the most UV-transparent clear plastic you're going to find.
Polyethylene and teflon absorb less UV than polystyrene, but are not typically found in clear sheets - cloudy is the best you're gonna get..