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non electric fiber optics, for Chameleon vision goggles? Answered

HI, i was wondering if anyone knew about someway to make something like a non-electric endiscope system. I need something like a tube for light, so i could look in at one end and see what is on the other end, and i need it to be non-electric. Or i could use something like a lens so that it can have light come in and out at an angle. If you need to know moke, i'm using it for "chameleon goggles" so that i can look in two diferent ajustable angles at once similar to what a real chameleon's eyes can do (if you don't know what i mean look it up), and if you have any sugestions on what i could do please post them it would be a huge help.


To make an endoscope you will have to:

Get a bundle of Fiber optic cables, Assemble them so that the order of the fibers at one end is exactly the same at the other end.

Apply some optics so you can focus the image as you require and the sheath it in some suitable material - say heat shrink to keep everything together.

1. The optic fiber is going to cost you!
2. Getting it in a coherent bundle isn't going to be easy
3. Making the optics is also not going to be easy.

There is a reason why endoscopes are so expensive.
Old surgical instrument would be your best option. OR the periscope option.

The problem with the periscope option is that if i wanted it to be able to look straight forward as well as other directions, it would be rather difficult.

Not at all make the top turn so the mirror looks forward or wherever you want to look. A little mechanical linkage and you could turn this remotely.

Oh now that makes more sense, i think that will work. Thanks, you are a huge help!!!!!!

I think your talking about a periscope using mirrors.


Not exactly, I mean something like a non electronic endoscope or a tube (like a flexible tube) where i can see what's on the other end.