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north woods bed-frame Answered

attached images are from an ad for Eddie Bauer "North Woods Collection" bedding.
I'm interested in the construction of the ?bed? or ?bed-frame? in the images. Is this
a solid piece of wood? (if it is it must weigh a ton) or is it something created
just for advertising purposes -- i.e., pretty, but not functional?

Any suggestions on how something like this might be built? I've looked through
all instructables for "beds" and "bed-frames" but can't find anything like this.

This would be an outrageously overpriced piece of furniture if purchased
at retail. I'm sure someone in the community could suggest a couple of
methods for building it. Also, the pictured lamp and bed-table.

thanks much from mpls., mn.


I too am planning to build bed frame for my kids beds. Also i want a good foam mattress.

Looks like your basic platform bed with some finished wood trim "shelf" or edge around the bed. Can't really tell from the pic but maybe there is some kind of slanted headboard there. A platform bed is just a mattress on top of a box or platform type base. Imagine a sheet of plywood placed on top of a wood frame of probably 2x10 or 2x8, depending on how high you want it. Then some "boxes" are built to create the lip, notice the mattress is recessed and fitted into the platform. It is an easy build, you might want to search through the IKEA catalogue to see variations of this. If you want it really inexpensive or can't haul full sheets of plywood, the mattress support area could be wood slats so you just build long rectangular boxes to frame in the mattress. Good luck.

thanks so much -- I really love my instructables. i will let you know what i come up with. later.

Also, platform beds don't necessarily need to be finished with stain/poly. You can do paint, or cover with burlap/cloth/leather/metal/tuck and roll, even do rough sawn logs for that Flintstones style. I have seen where they take a propane torch to highlight the plywood grain and then varnish. Take pics if you are building one an post an ible!