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not simple enough? Answered

I have tried and tried to follow your examples with the dice and this phone amp. The steps you take do not work with me. I try and I do not have the same options that you show. It is like you are skipping a step or two. I got the 1 on the dice but no matter how or what I tried I could not get the 2 to get on the dice by following the same instructions as the number 1. Maybe I just cannot understand it. I thought this would be simple, but I am not understanding this. thanks. Will try another tutorial with another program.

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JON-A-TRONBest Answer (author)2017-01-31

Sorry you're having a hard time following along. It seems to me you're having trouble with rotating. There's a small arc with two arrows that shows up in each axis when you click on any object on the workplane. If you click and drag that arc, you'll see the object rotate.

I demonstrate this in video 2 of lesson 6 at around 1:30: Numbered-Die-1

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