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Yet ANOTHER K'nex Gun! Answered

before commenting, be aware that i got rid of this. hahaha

Sorry, no pictures yet. The rest of my family (all of the girls in the family) went on vacation down in SC while us manly men went to manly places like tool shops (hahahottopic jk) like home depot and water country usa. And sadly, they took the only camera with them. Their coming back tonight so I should be able to get some PICS of this ttly 1337 gun. Enough of this talks about my life onto the gun.

Like I said, I can't take pictures, yet, so I'm just going to list the features from the butt of the gun to ze top.

1. Comfy, buttstock, and a stick type stock w/ ram guide
2. New 2-position realistic angled handle (one position for m16 series standard grip, and another a bit more angled)
3. kinda weird for-grip thing but it's good I guess
4. easy to use scope mount and blade sights
5. around 10-15 round blue rod mag
6. and my favorite part of the gun, the Hop-up!
7. I wouldn't consider this a feature but it looks a b s o l u t e l y bad***. You'll see. just wait...

A hopup is basically a bump in the barrel causing the bullet to curve up thus making it hop up. Originally from airsoft guns it presses down on the BB as its leaving the barrel creating a backspin so when it leaves the barrel it curves up increasing range and making it more accurate. Except this doesn't apply to knex bullets since they tend to move MUCH slower and the barrels are their are dents in the middle of them. So with knex you'd have to just put a small dent type thing on the bottom of the barrel instead of backspinning it (which is impossible with knex since their not in a sphere shape). If you really want to know more about hop-up heres a link http://ezinearticles.com/?Hop-Up-in-Airsoft&id=589601

And finally, sorry I have been so inactive lately, I have been extremely busy more then normal.


Looks nice, can't wait till you post it

Oh, and you should post it, or I'll find you.

I might post it. I really didn't make this gun for a reason I was just building off of the handle and half of the stock.

Looks cool, and, just so you know, "Yet Another Knex Gun" is the name of an actual(so surprising) KNEX GUN!!!!!!

It looks pretty nice. I don't like the looks of the foregrip/handle though. I'd recommend just adding some extra parts to the front of the magazine and using that for a grip. And just so you know, the "hop-up" idea has been done before. It's not too helpful though. If you really wanted to, you could just tilt the gun yourself...

Yeah, I know I just wanted to add it for kicks. It works good I guess and you can adjust it by using like a rubber band to push it up. Thanks though.

Looks very good!
But why did you make that grip kinda thing on the mag release?

I like the look of it.  It's a good clean design.

This looks awesome, i want to make it.