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ockward silence? Answered

look i found a few key hints for movies. see in the movie house of wax just as soon as it gets quite the wax figuyres come to life. report any cool movie hints to this topis thanks again guys and gals



it was a typo jackass

I do not mean to be fastidious, but the words uguy make reference to are;
(ockward) awkward & (figuyres) figures

FireFox, and Flock browsers have add-ons for spell checking, and there is even one for MSIE (I think at http://www.download.com which is th CNET site) . and I believe it is called IEspell or something like that. It is just a suggestion.

I know I depend on them nearly all the time (although I am also constantly using Google to look up word spellings when FireFox's spell check fails to give me a good suggestion).

Ooops, I missed (topis) instead of topic, and (quite) when you meant "quiet' sorry. BTW: I am a little confused as to what you are asking about. Is it a movie titled "The House of Wax" that you refer to? I assume you mean the 2005 remake of the old 1953 movie House of Wax ?


10 years ago

Man, get yourself a dictionary, please!