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ok are nvidia cards compatible with amd computers? Answered

are nvidia video card compatible with amd computers and how do i tell what type of video card slop i have


Yes they are! I have a computer with an AMD processor and a Nivada grapics card. And my processor don't overheat and grapics are nice and smooth.

Yeah nVidia tends to go with AMD well, I usually pair AMD with nvid, and intel with radeon.

You will either have agp or pci-e. What are you planning on upgrading for, Gaming? Show us a picture of your motherboard so we can identity which type it is. If not do you have the model number of the board or the computer make and model? What's your budget? BTW: Nvidia and ATI graphic cards are compatible with any motherboard depending on the slot rather than the processor.

well i cant exactly show u a picture of my mother board but i can tell u the make and model and yes i will be doing some forms of gaming but what i realy needed to know was if my board would support me adding in a video card sine it has onboard graphics i figured out i have the open pci ports anyway my comp is an acer aspire m1201

It has: PCI Express x1, PCI Express 2.0 x16

This is good as there a great range of PCI-E graphics cards, So yes you can upgrade the graphics in your computer. It's a good spec computer you have. (Bar the onbaord graphics)

Tiger direct's prices seem reasonable, all you need to look out for is that it is PCI Express.

hey man thakns for ur help but i opend it an looked at all my slots and found a black slot and look around it and it said pci express so i got a new nvidia but again thanks for the help

'"slop" You mean slot? What exactly have you got and what do you want to do? L