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ok at my school they block right click so i cant change my wallpaper so how do i enable it? Answered

ok at my school they block right click so i cant change my wallpaper so how do i enable it?


You are in school. You are there to learn, not make your screen look neato.

Ah! Touché!

Isn't it learning when you realize that you have no freedom when you are forced to see the same green hills (or abstract stuff, if you use a Mac) every time you login?

Isn't it learning when you try to circumvent a wrongful system put up by an established order?

Isn't it learning when you spend TWO HOURS trying to change that?


Yeah, probably not... There are better things to do.

Same here! I still remember the time where there was the usual WIndows 7 logo and people were allowed to change their background... until the school changed it for some dodgy picture showing the school logo and core values and random words at the background.

No, yes, but you're mistaken, no. The purpose of computer classes at school isn't about making your computer cool to look at. It's about learning the material that the teacher assigns. Very simple concept, even for a child.

Well... There are other ways of learning other than school... About 95% of what I learned about the computer was from fooling around... But yeah, there are better things to do, all in all.

I can't argue with that. It's my experience as well...But the school system has responsibilities as noted above that would get *them in trouble if you were allowed to do as you will on the computers that your parents and others in the community provide thru their taxes. And they don't just get grounded...they might lose their jobs, which would put 'both them and 'their kids in a fine predicament....

I guess that's what a home computer is for, if you're lucky enough to have one. I suppose the library is an alternative if you don't.

best wishes

Also, right click is pretty useful, not just for changing wallpaper.

It would be, I agree, but some kids feel that it's their ticket to screwing around instead of doing the lessons. So administrators have to curtail their abilities in order to avoid them using the system for purposes that a) might land the school in legal hot water, b) allow them to focus on the required learning tasks, rather than to babysit gamers, pron freaks, and wannabee 7337 hackerz. Kinda like the internet...Never was *meant to be so restrictive, but spammers and virals and and mal-content hackers and so forth made it into a virtual prison by their negative behaviors. It's what happens when people abuse their privileges

ok so when youre in a folder or what not just click alt and youll see a toolbar come up use it when you dont have the right click you will have everything there that you get in the right click

If you are using Windows you may be able to right click on the picture you want to use and select set as bckground. I have worked on several "blocked" systems but I have never seen that disabled.

i have worked on a system at school where nothing was blocked the computer and server at that school didn't work for about a year

it can be blocked rather easily with remote admin privileges...quite permanently and completely inaccessible without admin privileges too.

 open the pic in paint and at the top u have the choice to set it as ur wall ppr

What school do you go to? Stalin's Police State School?!?!

What kind of computer does your school use? Mac or Windows?

I'll give you how to do it on the Mac (I forget how to do it on Windows. Check Control Panels under the Start Menu)
Go to System Preferences (under the apple in the top left) > Desktop and Screen Saver. You should be able to figure it out from there

I cannot use right click because I'm using a Mac?
Try holding down ctrl while clicking.

I probably am. Kids, if you ever get rich and famous, go back to the school you hated and donate a ton of money. Then, tell them to build an Economics Studies building named after Stalin or some other Communist leader for the lulz.

the little button between the alt key and the ctrl key is the right click menu (right side of the space bar)

I grew up at a public school in the middle of the bible belt and Republican central. We didnt have them things called "Macs"

Also, I'm a Mac and a Windows user. Someone has to be able to explain how to do something in both OSs.

Yes, but sometimes schools are cheap and use whatever they can get their underfunded hands on. As long as the computers in question use USB (pre-colorful Macs used special mice and keyboards that don't work with PCs, I think) they could have a Mac keyboard. Of course, this is highly unlikely, unless the school at one point had Macs (AKA Apple Computers) in their labs but chucked them due to something or other...


8 years ago

Open the picture in MS Paint and click File >> Set as background...

Thats how we did it in school when almost everything was blocked =)


8 years ago

It's their computer and they can limits it's use as they see fit. Why do you NEED to change anything? Does a wild desktop help you learn any better?

Yes they do it for a reason: they don't want you to muck about with this. A bit oppressive, but you could try doing it via Start> Settings>Control Panel> Display (or equivalent) or is that disabled too? (probably)