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Whenever I start my netbook after my Windows 7 Starter stopped working, two other options appear on my BIOS screen beside Ubuntu which are:

Upgrade to Vista
Upgrade to Windows 7

Can you tell me what would happen if I click on those 2 options? I don't trust Windows anymore after what happened. Thank you.


I'd guess it'll attempt a purchase & download from Microsoft.
The way to go about these things is either purchase without Windows at all (and stick with e.g. Ubuntu), or purchase with a full Windows OS


> I'd guess it'll attempt a purchase & download from Microsoft.
.  That would be my guess, too.
.  I wouldn't worry about choosing either one. They can't charge you if they don't have your credit card info and they more than likely aren't going to let you download/install it until they can charge you for it. Don't enter your CC info and it shouldn't mess with anything.

Hi Nacho. What I'm worried about is that Windows might permanently damage my laptop the next time I download it. Don't you think that would happen? Thanks.

.   I haven't had that many problems with MS OSes (I've installed/used most of them from DOS 1.0 to Windows XP) and installation problems haven't been very high on the list since XP came out. Nowadays, unless you have an oddball computer, Windows installation is pretty much a click-and-wait, no-brainer affair.
.   I'm confused as to just what MS has done to you.
.   If you didn't want Win7Starter, why did you get it?
.  All computer systems, being designed and made by humans, fail every now and then; that's why backup software/hardware is so popular. If your OS is messed up, simply re-install.

'I'm confused as to just what MS has done to you. . If you didn't want Win7Starter, why did you get it?' To make it short, go into a tech mall and see an Aspire One. You'll see Windows 7 logo fine-printed -that's the reason why. It's not really Windows 7. It was a simple sales trick. Bottom line -I wanted to buy an Acer Aspire not Win 7.

. I still don't understand what MS has to do with it. Sounds to me like your problem is with Acer or the tech mall. Unless Bill Gates held a gun to your head and made you buy it.

The problem is that he bought a computer preloaded with a "free demo" version of Win 7. He stripped that off and put on a Real OS (Ubuntu). However, his POST is still presenting him with options to "automatically" go off and do an "upgrade" of his system. He is asking if anyone here knows "what would happen if" he selected one of those options by mistake, instead of doing his normal Ubuntu boot.

.  Where did he say that he had removed Win7? I re-read the OP and the comments and don't see where it is even implied. All I saw was that it quit working (OP). What am I missing?
.  I don't think it's the POST giving him that message - it's in ROM and runs before booting. Looks like a bootloader message to me, but I wouldn't bet more than fifty cents on it.
.  Lemonie and I have given him educated guesses as to what would happen. In any case, I don't see MS upgrading his system without him entering payment info.
.  If he wants to get rid of the prompts, he can edit boot.ini (if using NTLDR) or grub.cfg (if GRUB was installed by Ubuntu).
.  I still haven't figured out how MS is to blame.
.  A poor choice by the consumer? - probably.
.  Misleading advertising by Acer and/or the store? - maybe.
.  MS's fault? - I still don't see it. I'm no fan of MS, but I just don't see any way to pin this on them.

Thanks for clarifying that I didn't remove my Starter.

No, you're right. I misunderstood integrating the OP with comments. His pre-installed Win 7 Starter kit stopped working (hence it won't boot). He put Ubuntu on the system, but the BIOS config (you're right it's likely not part of POST) for Win 7 Starter continues to provide options to "upgrade" (my quotes :-) to a full, paid-for system. I do agree with you that there's no blame here for MS. Acer or the shop were a tad sleazy to sell a not-fully-functional system without Full Disclosure.

.  Someone just told me that my first paragraph above sounded very argumentative. Sorry if it came across that way. It didn't sound that way in my head when I typed it.

I admit I'm the one who made this exchange argumentative. I just have to blow off steam against MS lol. Sorry.

Didn't sound argumentative to me; in fact, you were quite right. No harm, no foul :-)

Hi Kelsey. I think you're right that I should blame Acer for selling Starter and not the premium version. But I'm also blaming MS because it refused to upgrade my Starter even manually without giving me any reason. What more, they did that too with my XP and that's the reason I was forced to Starter. That's arm-twisting! Thank you K.

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7 years ago

Hi Lemonie. That's what I think too. My Win OS just stopped dead because it refused to update. So maybe that happened so I'll be forced to purchase. why would I do that after what Microsoft did to me? Thanks Lemonie.