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overabundance of ram cards, what should i do? Answered

i'm pretty much a novice when it comes to electronics, i know some basics, but when it comes to computers i'm not much of a hardware guy. so when i came across a box in my attic full of 18+ ram chips, i had absolutely no idea what to do with them. from what i can tell they'd be useless in anything running anything more than 16 bit. any ideas on what to do? should i invest in some rom blocks etc and build a retrocomputer to play vintage games on? any ideas of any kind are welcome, i really hope y'all can give me something to do with em. 

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sparhawk7 (author)2014-04-23

i counted and i have 27 cards of various types of ram, and i hate to hae things go to waste, is there any way i could buy some connectors(or salvage them from old pcs) and build ,yself a little ram storage that i could interface it with a raspi or something?

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TrollFaceTheMan (author)2014-03-04

I am surprised no one has answered this yet... Let me change that...

To build a "Retro-computer" might cost more then you think unless you get the parts directly, because some of the older computer parts are now considered "Vintage" and can cost a pretty penny... Ram cards to buy for older computers often times cost more then new, better ones...

Which brings up my 1st point, you could look up online your specific cards and see if they hold any value...

If not then their is always the option of stripping the gold of of them and recycling it for money, but that will be if they have enough of it on their to even make it worth the while... Some older cards do have quite a bit... But even if you feel they do have enough on it for you to wish to try remember that it is dangerous... Perhaps this video can shed some light on it...

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