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painting a lawn flamingo Answered

I am trying to bring back the pink quality of several Yard flamingos.  I know I could buy new ones, but certain people would rather keep for sentimental reasons, so I am trying to restore them.  My problem is when they are painted, after a period of time it chips off, I believe it is because the paint cannot deal with the flamingo plastic swell and shrink of the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.  Any ideas to extend the paint's life, would be appreciated.


or you could just paint them black and give them spiked collars .. Punk Flamingos (Gary Larson drew a far side comic years ago about punk flamingos .. I haven't been able to look at those birds the same way since then lol)

If they are blow mold plastic, completely remove the paint and lightly run a plumbing torch or heat gun over the surface. It will reflow the fuzzy plastic and bring back the factory shine.

> Clean the old paint off completely.

> If there is not one, pierce a small hole in the body of the bird (underneath, out of sight) - this will allow air to enter/leave as is warms/cools, reducing the physical stresses on the paint.

> Wash/wipe the bird with alcohol.

> Use a paint designed to be used on plastic, such as the Plasticote range, or use a primer paint designed to be used on plastics (read the spray cans in your local hardware and automotive stores, and ask the staff to recommend a brand).

Have you tried colored car polish?
I don't know the extend of fading but in many cases this stuff works really good on plastics.
There are also special "cleaners" for UV damaged plastics, you can find them in good auto stores.
Other than that try a good plastic undercoat and paint based on ployurethane, it stays more flexible and does usually not fade in the sun.

Rustoleum has a special spray paint for use on plastic. Other paints can't stick well onto plastic.