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painting a model 53 chevy bel air top white help? Answered

i got this model 53 chevy and it was molded into the perfect blue, but i dont have that paint, and my friend keeps on bugging me that using normal paint will make it look bad but i got a flat whte spray, which would work fine, i just no that i can get of paint from the blue body with varsol, but if its poossible to not use tape ( cause itll make it rly sticky) that would be helpful. its an old model to, from 1968 or something, and it dosnt tell you what color to paint it, so i got the oher stuff, but could somebody show me the enginge colors? that would be rly helpful.



Best Answer 7 years ago

use airbrush paint and a model paint brush the engine colors would be black and silver with the body color of the car on the headers of the engine

thanks man i dont have an airbrush though is there anything else i can use cause there like 80 bucks and 200 for a cpompressor

like i said use a modeling paint brush you dont have to use an airbrush just use the paint which you can find at a Michael's craft store and the paints should be in the model section the brushes should be there to if they are not use an extremely fine acrillyc paint brush and you should be ready to rock make sure that you are in a well ventilated area though