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painting an old table top? Answered

hello people :) ,  im in the process of painting a table top., ive sanded the top (Lightly) and put an all purpose primer on top, but ive run into a spot of bother, let me explain further. the table top i have detaches from the legs, which bis handy, now looking underneath it, it is painted black, but i can see that it is real wood underneath (i can see and feel grain and knots) BUT on top it seems to be a different wood or covered in something different on top of this, there and rectangles of veneer - which the primer seems to adhere to ok, but the darker part of it dose not seem to pass the fingernail test, so it may  not be the right primer, but im stumped as to what primer i would need, sanding didn't seems to make much of a difference to the dark wood barely dull it really, and im not sure its laminate or some sort of plastic... ive added a picture of the table



4 years ago

Its nearly impossible to say for certain but an educated guess tells me it is wood strips glued to a plywood substrate with a filler of some sort in the gaps.
The best solution, it seems to me, is to start over. Use a good chemical paint stripper,(following the manufacturer's instructions) paying particular attention to the paint on the joint filler.
You can then add filler to any of the joints that need it, re-sand, stain and coat as needed.
Just a personal observation, I would use a very light stain and then clear coat it. Let the old patina show through.

You need to figure out what materials are on the table. Then you can choose the correct primer.

Why are you trying to cover up that interesting design?

You might want to consider covering the top with a nice piece of plywood and painting that how you want it.

hey, yea, im just trying to figure out the material used, the table top isnt what i really like, or what would suit in my house (its was also only £5) but, i do like how the texture will be when painted, i also love the curvy legs XD , just wondering if anyone has any tips for primers or how to find out what material is used