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paracord braid/weave collar i havent seen before Answered

Cany anyone figure out how to make this type of braid or weave and somehow instruct me on how to do it? PLEASE HELP



2 years ago

this looks like a trilobite braid. Look it up on YoTube, a lot of good tutorials. Once you get the hang of this braid, it's a piece of cake. Good luck

where do you get the metal part at the end of your collar?

Here it is, Just for you!


Okay, I have it. It is a weave after all. I made a sample piece and took pictures of each step. Now I am not sure where to stick them. I can e-mail them to you or maybe make a short instructable here.

I didn't have a finished project in mind, and no buckles or rings to attach it to so it is purely temporary, but I had a lot of fun figuring it out. I was stumped until I realized I had to use mor than 6 strands (3 cords doubled) It needed 6 doubled cords to make 12 strands to work with.

I will go see what I can do about getting an instructable off the ground for this.

  • * - Okay you have officially given me a headache!  I am not going to be able to let this go until I figure it out.  I have already figured out 5 ways NOT to do it.  I believe it is a weave rather than a braid after staring at it for a while.  I looked up a flat braid and it comes pretty close, but doesn't look like the one in the picture yet.
  • * - I also looked into paracord knotting... my latest adventure.  I am new to it but learning as fast as I can.  The candy stripe method looks close too but doesn't start the same either.
    Give me a while to work on this and I will get back here and post my success, I hope, and the instructions on how to.
  • * - Meanwhile, why don't you check out TIATs work?
    You could e-mail him a picture at:
    * - He knows a LOT and may have the answer before I do.  At least he will if it is knotting!!!
    He has a lot of how to videos that you can actually follow!
    * - And this is his web site, if you are interested.
    * - This is the candy stripe I was talking about...
  • Good luck and TTYL
  • Chris

I have looked and cannot seem to find you directions that are posted on the internet...... i got the instructions from a book i bought from u-braid-it.com, they call it the "flat braid style 3"

i can teach you that braid if you are interested, not really sure what it is called but it is easy to do, just email me a chasenthunder@gmail.com or through facebook..... i make those collars, horse reins and leads

It looks like it but its only one color, i'll try and figure out how to make it multi-color