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parallax barrier Answered

Does anyone know of instructions on how to produce a cheap parallax barrier for an lcd? I want to build a screen cover for my netbook that will allow me to look at 3d images and videos without glasses



7 years ago


About halfway down the page. Enjoy!

You sir are awesome.

+100 internets for you!

Great find! Hopefully the original author here sees it.


I did but couldn't find any solid resource. Mostly just information on how it works not how to actually make the calculations and such

Here's a research article I found using "parallax barrier calculations" as a Google search. As with most scientific journals, you have to pay for full access, but the figure and figure caption on the Web page might give you some insight into how to do the calculation (leave P2 and BM2 as undetermined parameters and either solve for them or find an optimium).

Here's another article which actually claims (in the abstract) to go through the calculations. As with most scientific journals, you have to pay for full access; if you have a nearby college or university, they should have the journal in their stacks.

I see what you mean. Even the actual DIY stuff are people showing off what they did, not how they did it.

The calculations will be effectlvely the same as for lenticular printing.

It sounds like you'll need access to something like a high-precision laser cutter, so that you can make straight narrow cuts (~50-100 um) closely spaced and exactly parallel.

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Isn't it essentially putting the "glasses" on the display screen, of course accounting for optical differences?

Sort of but no. Basically its a clear sheet with small black lines. One eye sees a set of pixels on one side of the line and the other side sees a different set.

Did you type "DIY parallax barrier" into Google? If not, why not?

because it shows up as "DDIIYY ppaarraallllaaxx bbaarrrriieerr" and returns no hits.