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perfect small business idea for those with little space and good hands Answered

i have the perfect small business idea i trashpicked a lawn mower the other day and sold it on craigslist for $85  and got their old lawn mower so i fix that and sell it and get their old lawn mower and fix it and sell it so its a never ending loop, i can make over $100 in less than an hour or $30 in and hour but still thats pretty good its only one lawn mower at a time because i dont have to much space in my garage i think this is brilliant i could make a little under $500 a week which is awesome 


Yes, but how many lawnmowers can you sell in a month?


I think about this:
Your business will be quite locallised because shipping costs / driving is going to keep things local.
Once you've fixed every mower in your "patch" you'll be dependent upon the same mowers breaking again regularly...
It's not what you could do in a week, rather how much business there actually will be, long term?


i see what your saying... i mean it is quick cash but yeah i guess it wouldn't last very long

The secret to making money here is to PAY people to take away their mowers, and then come back and sell them the service of mowing their lawn.....You get your money back, and more, in a few months. And you still sell off the mowers you collect, but not in your mowing patch....