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perfume for incense sticks? Answered

Dear Sir,
i am into packaging & marketing of perfumed incense sticks. right now i use D.E.P and ready concentrated perfumes from market to perfume readymade charcoal sticks. but now i am facing difficulty due to three major reasons. 1.) my incense sticks don't smell that good so is there anything else i need to add in it like musk ambrette or benzyne acid, 2.) i don't know how to make incense sticks using White Oil/LLP as perfume doesn,t get dissolved in it. 3.)how to make perfume stronger and more sustainable.

pls pls pls help me




I am a new entrant in this line. Kindly let me know how incense sticks will give more smoke. Is there any chemical to use to that the sticks give more smoke.


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Dep is having this problem for some fragrances only. please change fragrances and do it. DPG is another option. what is the ratio of DEP to fragrance

When ever you make good Incense sticks.It could be used good ingredients in your incense stick.You will need at least 3 ingredients: an herb, a resin and a wood.