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pi coders wanted Answered

looking for a few coders to help make a better 3d system based on the pi and arduino.
apps available will incclude:
3d printing
tool usage
3d scanning
and more to come

I have next to NO experience in coding but have designed and tested 2 machines that I need programmers for. these will be opensource at the end and also sellable. I am hoping to make a store similiar to playstore or app store so that advanced programmers can also make a small amount for exceptional products.

the idea is huge but could be beneficial to several thousand people including users of this forum in helping them with techniques and skills they have not yet mastered.

the project is HUGE and the mechanical side is largely done with the exception of a few parts that are added extra. other inclusions will be safety features and high perfomance.

for those that are interested in this AND have coding experience I look forward to your replies on this topic