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pic 12f629 12vdc to 220vac inverter Answered

Hi, i have a few pic 12f629 micros laying around. i want to use one of them to blink 2 led's seperatly. the other one i want to use to make a ups(dc/ac inverter) that automaticaly  turns on when the power goes out and indicate a wen a battery is low.

I am very new to programming micros, at he moment i can program a single led flash using the WDT (watch dog timer).
Any links to diagrams, photos or code will help. currently i only know how to make a program in asm and compile it to hex.
Thanx for any help

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seandogue (author)2015-02-12

Try this on for size. It's a beginner's guide for PIC programming.


and for reference, I got it simply by googling for "Pic programming language"

There are other tutorials.

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iceng (author)2015-02-11

Here is a nice block Diag of your UPS. Use the PIC to detect power fail, work the static bypass switch, and monitor the health of your battery.

Included are a simple Sq-wave inverter and a full UPS.

Have Fun with Knowledge !

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