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electric valve Answered

where do i buy pilot assisted diaphragm valve used on mythbusters.
   it was used in the deadly straw episode. at 3:42 to 4:06 on the youtube video called ;MythBusters Season 4 Episode 18 part 1 .  I want the exact size and brand valve.


wow i mean wow the entitlement attitude of some people here is frankly unnerving but anyway to the point... you said and i quote, " you can be polite or leave" end quote now let us dissect this statement particularly the or leave partnow since when where you m5industriesinc a moderator or admin of instructables.com instructables is for everyone not just you and as such you are not entitled to tell anyone that they should "leave" unless you are a admin instructables is doing you a service by allowing you to ask your question on their website and since instructables is for everyone and as such anyone can post on just about anything (your topics included) you simply cannot possibly hope to control what other users type even though it may not be to your liking you still have to deal with it and finally before you type a quick reply please take about 4 seconds to read the small red rectangular box below the comments box that starts with WE HAVE A "BE NICE " COMMENT POLICY

that is all,

I don't appreciate your spoilt attitude. Grow up, or leave.

You clearly didn't pay attention to the fact that TUA's very first reply to you was the link you demanded three posts later.

are you alking too me or someone else? cause if your talking to me you are asked to leave if nothing helpful can come out of your mouth...GOT IT??

Yes, I was addressing you.

I was referring to the childish and hypocritical way you demanded that people "be polite" whilst simultaneously showing exteme rudeness in the way you demand to be spoonfed with an answer when you had already been given the answer.

That was four months ago, and you are stillacting like a spoiled brat instead of saying "thank you" to TUA for his help.

See, that's just going to make him more mad! This dude obviously doesn't like being told what to do and that adversely affects the information he can take in and understand. It seems what he wants is all information broken down in a format that would make most small children quite content (ie doing their homework for them). Otherwise is that he's so utterly, mind-blowingly lazy, that he cant copy a link to the URL bar and do some searching.

Either way this is quite amusing and I'd like to see this more :D

Haha. Do you feel better now? Your words are as utterly impotent as you yourself (and just as ill-calculated).

As Kiteman said. We don't appreciate your demanding, entitlement attitude. You can be polite or leave.

have you tried asking them?