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pimp my gun.com Answered

here's a cool site i found called pimp my gun. its basically like a custom gun utility.

http://pimpmygun.doctornoob.com/ is the link theirs 2 versions the regular one has most guns but is missing some of my favorite guns which are on the old version. the old version also builds shotguns, and pistols.

here are some of my "creations". please, feel free to post your own!



4 years ago

sweet guns bro heres some of mine

my favorite ones r the first 2, i mostly have snipers n m4 combos along with sum drum fed shotguns :D


guns are violent

What I meant by that comment was the statement "Guns don't kill, people do" A gun, by itself can't kill a human. Guns can't pull their own trigger.

People use guns to kill people -_-


guns kill people

So if someone stabs an elderly to death with a knife, then the knife killed the elderly?

uhh yeah, its not like someone can stab someone else with their finger, kek

This statement is completely ignorant. Do ovens make turkey dinners? Do video games beat themselves? No.

People use guns. Without someone behind it to pull the trigger, a gun is just used up space. If you really think that guns kill people, when there are countless murders that have happened with knives, poisons, blunt objects, etc. then you are a completely irresponsible and ignorant person.

a lot of things kill people
including guns
i cant really argue

here are my guns

I will do my weapons produce some but not saved


6 years ago

Assualt carbine:


6 years ago

My weapon.An SR-25- like gun.


Seeing as this topics has been bumped, I may aswell show you what i have made in Pimp My Gun so far.

The guns:

Tommy Gun LMG
Ball Sniper
AK Carbine with Shotgun
TCR 22 Mk5

myweapon (18).jpgmyweapon (19).jpgmyweapon (23).jpgmyweapon (24).jpgmyweapon (25).jpgmyweapon (28).jpgmyweapon (29).jpgmyweapon (30).jpgmyweapon (31).jpgmyweapon (32).jpgmyweapon (33).jpgmyweapon (34).jpgmyweapon (35).jpgmyweapon (36).jpg

Hey beanie ;) What do you think of my camouflaged guns? The first one is still in progress (digital takes a looooong time)

m4 digital nog bezig.jpgm4 red tiger.jpgm4 woodland.jpg

Cool! I made an full auto noobtube a while back. I also have some new guns (not all, some are on our other pc): (last one is my full auto tuber

.45 pistool open.jpg.45 S-ATPS.jpgepisch pistool.jpgm13 assault rifle.jpgminigun.jpgmodded saw+ dual scope.jpgpumpitup.jpgwoodpacker ar.jpgF-A grenade launcher.jpg

I like the full auto pistol, although im not a big fan of Acog scopes on guns. And that full auto noob tube would run out of ammo way too fast like the AA-12 does.

For the n-tube, I know, it was just an quick build. What full auto pistol do you mean? The left-top, or right top? Also, do you like the revolver handle?

I like the left top one better. And the revolver handle is sick looking. :)

Lol, they're atctually the same. The right one is it with slide and attachments

Ah. I thought the left one was one included the slide and it was only taken off for show. :)

Tactical M9 with grenade launcher..wonder if it will work..

Grenade Tatical M9.jpg

it wouldnt be able to reload, but surah

вот вам

myweapon.jpgmyweapon (1).jpgmyweapon (2).jpgmyweapon (4).jpgmyweapon (5).jpgmyweapon (6).jpg

Some random ones i made - the first ones impratical, bacause of the clip


necroing, but i also made some guns: they are:
break action shotgun
ex-mag assault rifle
full auto grenade launcher
full auto pistol
a random bullpup assault rifle
m14 ris + attachments
mac10 heavely modified
mg40,an upgraded mp40
mini sniper thing
bullpup sniper
a g36-ish assault rifle
semi auto sniper carbine with noobtube
bullpup semi auto sniper
shotpistol, a shotgun in pistol form
steyr aug

break action shotty.jpgex-mag I36 marksman rifle.jpgF-A grenade launcher.jpgfull auto pistol.jpgl95.jpgm14 RIS.jpgmac 10 upgrade.jpgmg40.jpgmini-sniper.jpgq200 intervention.jpgR36 K.jpgsemi auto carbine sniper.jpgsemi-auto sniper.jpgshotpistol.jpgsteyr aug.jpg

Its a Grenade Launcher/ 3-barreled Sniper Rifle/ Scar H, all in one!

Sniper rifle granade launcher and Scar-H.jpg

awesome, i think this is my favorite post on this tread!


Yeah it does a little bit. I wish there was an airsoft version of it.