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pir motion sensor keychain camera controlled by arduino? Answered

I am a total novice and having discovered a project on this website i am convinced that it is the answer to my own university project. I am to create a motion sensor camera within an urban context that will be triggered by people and record their movements and the space itself.
The project I am talking about https://www.instructables.com/id/Keychain-camera-with-PIR-motion-detector-controlle/It involves pir sensor keychain camera controlled by arduino. I am more than willing to have a go but from the tutorial there are no guidelines as to what components I would need and how I would go about in wiring and connecting the parts. I am searching the internet and this website. Does anybody have any experience with such work and if so could you possibly help please. Thanks?

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astroboy907 (author)2011-12-04

Pretty much if you have the PIR and Arduino, all you need is a couple 5v relays ;)

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dougage78 (author)astroboy9072011-12-04

Hey thanks. I am very new to this type of stuff. This will be my first attempt. From the link that I provided, can you explain the components that i would need. Are you able to provide a step by step guide based on this link. Sorry for asking as I understand that what i am asking for is alot.

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