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please could you give me ideas to make some cash Answered

Life seemed the best catagory for this question, Hi im 15 in december and i live in the north of england, i want to makesome spare cash so i can save up for a laptop, do you know what i could do? thanks Btw im never doin a paper round washing cars babysitting or anythng to do with dogs/cats.


Find something that other people want done but can not do, do not have enough hands to do, or do not want to do, and that they will pay you (what you consider) an adequate hourly wage to do for them or help them do. Then go out and find someone who needs that service and offer it to them. I tend to agree with Kevin -- How much do you want that laptop? If you don't much care how quickly you make money, you can afford to be picky about the jobs you take. If you want it some time in the next year, you may not have that luxury.

BTW, my first stereo system was purchased (at about your age) with a combination of paper-route earnings (I had an 80-customer route), yard-work earnings, asking my parents if they'd be willing to pay me a few bucks for time spent doing our own yard-work and other semi-voluntary chores (and delivering on those obligations), and saving every penny I could make myself put away. Took me about a year to earn most of the money; my mother was then willing to pay me in advance for the extra I needed to close the gap. If you don't want it enough to work for it -- and I do mean work -- you don't want it enough.

how about get your parents to get you an ebay account and sell all your old junk or you could make project kits and sell them on the instructables marketplace!!! both are very easy, just spend some time on the computer and pop down to a post box to post it or throw a few components in a bag and do the same as above!!! there is also an instructable on how to make money!!! just search it!!! cm

ahhh. The underlying paradox.

He is saving for a laptop but needs a laptop for his ebay store.

mow lawns during the warm weather. shovel sidewalks during the cold weather, rake leaves during the fall..That's how I made money at your age, although we didn't have computers ... we didn't even have computer games . I had a lot of model airplanes and a large collection of tricked out HO racing cars and track instead

Cut your hair and get a job, you hippie! If you aren't willing to do menial work on occasion, then you just get to mooch off your parents until they die. Then you can mooch off the Council.


8 years ago

What are your skills?

You could start by mowing people's lawn or rake people's yards, but do not borrow money-the out come is not good.

suggestions is all good; just be careful that some of those ideas are illegal for a minor to do in the UK...check it out with your parents or teacher first. ;-)

Go and mow lawns in the spring - what with so many "I'm not gonna do's" your chances of earning get slimmer so you can't want your laptop too bad... maybe compromise and do any job that you are given for a cheap netbook - mine is really good and only cost £120. Work quick, earn quick and play soonest! Good luck!

Get a job, sell stuff on ebay, salvage and recycle metal glass and paper. Can you fix things? if so do that. Mow yards. Clean garages or storage buildings. Wash windows for businesses. Shoe shine at the bus station. Deliver groceries, medicine for the chemist. Find something that needs doing that someone wants done and get to the right person who can pay you for that work and sell him or her on the idea that you can do it right. A high school student worked a week for me for free once to prove that he was a good draftsman. I ended up paying him for the week because he earned it and hiring him full time when he graduated. He worked for me all thru college and he is an architect now.