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please explain my dream? Answered

I had a very strange dream:

the sky was dark a giant scary tree came out from the ground with skulls hanging from it there was a green kid hanged from it i found a rope and pulled it, the sun came out and the rope the kid was hanging from turned to candy the skulls turned into flowers the kid turned to normal skin color and the kid started climbing the candy rope and droped down  in front of me and started dancing then i woke up



If this is genuinely what you saw, I think the answer stands out quite clearly: you are responsible for how you see the world. You demonstrate it by changing all the scary things to great things. You are the master of your own destiny with the power to make the change you need to turn things around. It is a very positive and life-affirming dream.

It means you are the one destined to defeat the evil overlord. First, grab your dead father's sword, and talk to the village elder. He'll know what to do.

Also, you're going to need an airship at one point.

Just go to a tavern and talk to random people. One of them will let you borrow one, no doubt.


You are The Chosen One.
Go and start a religion.

I have this exact same dream when I fall asleep on the couch with a Tim Burton movie on.

look it up!


it's hocus pocus, but neat nontheless.

You were asleep.  Your mind makes up "movies" while you are asleep to occupy its time until you wake up again and need it.  You can't interpret dreams since there is no way to check one against the other.

I think your subconscious is trying to remind you of your own power to do good.

That is to say:  simple actions, such as pulling a rope,  can have big consequences, such as turning a scary tree with skulls on it,  into a beautiful one with flowers, and a green-skinned child into a healthy one.

I'm not sure exactly what this means for you in your waking life, or what, if any, specific action to do good, or improve the world around you, but the point is that you do have the power to change things.

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All dreams are strange, you just rarely remember them.

Very few dreams genuinely succumb to analysis, but this one sounds like your subconscious was having trouble filing the day's events, but got it sorted in the end.