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plz help me i dont have project that is related to science? Answered



you could do a project relating to what makes snow hares fur change to brown in the summer and white in the winter

Make Electricity from fruits Electromagnet projects Effect of Salt on Boiling Temperature of Water Do Detergents Affect Plant Growth? Which Detergent works better/best? Battery Power Electric Motor/ Generator Wooden Generator Magnet Levitation Steam Engine, Steam Boat Hero Engine Simple magnet Levitation Clear or Opaque: Do Plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light? Do Cooked Beans Grow? Is plant growth affected by the amount of light received? Make Electricity from a Potato Electricity and Conductivity Projects What Foods Contain Starch What effect does music have on plant growth? Water Electrolysis Will vitamins affect the growth of a plant? Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall? How does table salt affect the boiling temperature of water? Which Types of Food Mold the Fastest? Creating Your Own Water Cycle How much water is in an orange? Optical Instruments Make a solar cell Which creates more methane; Cow, Pig, Horse Manure? How solar heat collection works Energy density comparisons between fossil liquids and gases Biofuels from Algae These were some of the ideas for projects at my son's gradeschool science fair at the end of January. There should be more, somewhere....

I just made a personalised Cartesian Diver for Valentines day, and it turned out awesome, so I am raving about it atm. Try it, it is basically a water bottle (I used a glass wine bottle, making it infinitely harder to test), and a small object that barely floats. What you do is fill it with water, put the object in, put the cap on tight and squeeze, and the object should fall. The physics aren't too hard to understand, basically when you squeeze the air in the object compresses and so it has less buoyancy. A tomato ketchup sachet would usually work, if you don't want to make a small object, although it would be a good experiment if you got a large bottle and put lots of different objects in, and see if anything sank more quickly than others. If you do make your own objects, try making an 'impossible bottle' scenario where the object cannot fit back through the neck of the bottle, or amke it look good. Making something that both works and looks nice is challenging and frustrating, but definitely pays off!