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backpacking sauna how to heat it without using hot rocks, ie perhaps with a portable steam generator or boiler ? Answered

Hi all
i am building a back packing sauna which is essentialy a old two man tent converted.  my problem is the heat source for the steam.tradionally people would heat rocks in an open fire. this i feel is time consuming building a fire and then heating rocks for 2 hours or so. i am now thinking of trying to generate steam direct from a wood gas stove and piping it in to the tent anyone with ideas or sugestions please post here. whatever i use needs to be suitable for back packing.


I am certainly not wanting to put a fire in the tent, the idea is to use a portable heat source such as a wood gas stove and then pipe the steam into the tent. this i hope would be a faster process than heating rocks. not sure about the best way of going about it other than attaching a hose to a kettle. hopefully someone can come up with somthing better than that. i suppose i could put a coil of copper pipe in the wood stove and i understand that would heat the water but not sure i could produce steam that way.

Safety reminder - not a good idea to have an open fire in a tent.

Hydrogen peroxide perhaps?
A suitable catalyst turns it into steam.


not quite what i had in mind. i am hoping to use a gas wood stove to produce the steam but need to a large quantity for the sauna and just using a coventional kettle is not going to do the job.
Thanks very much for the sugestion and i will spend some time looking at the idea but not comfortable with chemical reaction things.

It was the compact and quick aspect, I liked the idea of a "fwoooooosh!" - almost instant steam.
Building a steam boiler that beats heating stones (on time & convenience
) could be hard work.


I like the idea. Try and see how much power you need to create enough steam and then size a suitable coil and fire.


Yes, manganese dioxide catalyzes H2O2 decomposition