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possible short film title? Answered

please help me and my buddy are making a little short film to kinda become more popular on youtube and just for fun and its about a guy who can see into the future for only a small amount of time but he has one of his visions and sees them both dead in it. the main film will be them trying to find who the killer is and how they can defend themselves from anyone that could possibly be him/her then towards the end they find the possible killer... i cant really go on from there because i don't want to spoil it for anyone that is interested but we cant really think of a title for it. we know its mainly going to be based around his visions but we want a clever one or two word title that really suits the theme. if anyone can help out with this we will put you in the description and credits it would mean a lot we really have been thinking hard about this. Thanks in advance.


If you don't know your title then you don't know your film.
It's common for films to have "working titles", and the final-title to be decided at the end when you really understand what the film is about in order to name it.

Working title: What Time is Fun?


Murder Sight.

In Sight Of Murder.

Insight To Murder.

Death Sight.

Insight To Death.

Double Payback.

Double Playback.

Fatal Vision.

The Time Travellers' Knife. (if the victims were stabbed)

James And The Giant Leech.  ( You may have to alter the plot a little )

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 . . . . .    These suggestions are so bad that I have a vision of deleting this answer.

Are you aware of this kind of thing ?


5 years ago

Quick Look Ahead

Can you give a little more detail on how these visions happen? Is it dreaming, suddenly at random times, via technology, etc?

@ rammstein2's Flash Forward is strong, especially if there is a bit of a techy feel.

Fear the Future
Death, Again
Finding Death
Cheating Death
Death Fate, or Fate of Death
Future Fate
Fixing Fate
Future Fate
Awaiting Death

"Flash forward."

Now and then
Death awaits
Death stalker
Waiting for Death
The happening
And then...
Morbid view
View from the future
fate awaited
Future of Extermination
Sudden Retribution
Instant Vengeance
Reflex Blood
Double Prejudice
Infinite Justice
Future Justice
Soldier of Retaliation

hehe.. "flash forward" ><

Death foretold

Short sight.