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post pics of knex gun injuries! Answered

i want to see injuries from knex


THAT HILARIOUS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You all need to stop makin lethal knex guns or even testing them on urselves all my guns are completly safe and non-lethal when i post em' you can all rest assured u wont end up in the emergency room.(P.S. but watch out for that crossbow!)


8 years ago

I shot this helicopter with the SR-V2.


Damn IAC's heavy cannon! Damn you to heck! I mean look at her, look at my sister! Look what you did!!!!!!!


That is th grossest thing i have ever seen but what u said is still funny

that is what happend if firework explode in your hands

Ja, ik zag die foto eergisteren bij vuurwerkvoorlichtingen. xD

I shot myself with extreme builder's semi auto gun


this makes u sound like a sociopath! lol

This isn't my arm. It's my uncles. Dumb-@$$ shot himself with KILLERK'S Dangerous sniper rod Mod, WITH the SR-V1. Dumb-@$$.


uhhhhhh how can you accedently shoot yourself in the hand with that gun?

I shortened the barrel, but he was messing w/ the modded muzzle.

This isn't from a knex gun. But hurt like a mother!


That's not even me, LOL. But can you IMAGINE? Dude...

you sick sick person...

IAC's heavy cannon... Joke


holy cr*p lolz, i think if that were possible we'd all be investigated and arrested for illegal arms use, or something.

what does the dd27 even shoot and how is it so powerful?

well, the DD-27 shoots grey rods and it shoots really powerful. but that is from a earlier version that had a hopper. when i shot it once it blew up, sending shrapnel very were and one cut my arm. i think that tells you the kind of power it has.