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post pictures of your fish!!! Answered

Post your pictures of your fish!!

For the start, I'll post mine
These are my 5 goldfish, in my 1st tank which is a 5 gallon. I will post pics of my 2nd tank soon!
As you can see, its really hard to take pictures of them. So its ok to be a little blurry.



8 years ago

 Ok heres some more of my fish pictures. :D   the light shined perfect in the tank so the pics are crystal clear! (I took these 5 mins ago) :P


8 years ago

 So I guess no one else has fish? I just bought a couple new ones so I'll post some pics soon!

I like these! Nice pictures!

 this is one of my dads fish he got it with the tank and we have no idea what sort it is. if anybody knows please reply . thanks


ive seen those before. they are priced around $10+  there are two types of them and that one looks like a convict. yes thats their name..convict

its a type of cichilid speceies.

our fish actually JUMPED OUT OF IT'S TANK. i didn't know that fish,at least as far as betas go,could jump,salmon,yes but BETAS?!

bettas can jump. thats why you need a aquarium hood. I have taught my betta to jump to his food.  you gotta hold the food just above the water (I use hikari blood worms). but after a few days you can make him jump higher.

the thing is..... i did have an aquarium hood.he knocked it off.

uuuuuuuuuuuuhm wow ...strong betta. what type of tank do you have? 55g? or lower?

nowhere close.it was a little ½ gallon or so tank (the covor was maybe a couple ounces. one day,a few feet away from the tank,there was a plastic lid and dead fish on the floor.


wow. sorry about your fish being dead. I had one of those tanks when I was 12 or so. He is dead now because of severe fin rot. :(

When the main lights are on tomorrow, I will try to get some closeups of the fish, they are barbs and do not sit still for anything.  For now, here is a full shot of the tank I had from earlier.  It is a 55g freshwater community.


I found some pics that I had saved on my laptop.  I have 3 of the silver 'tin foil barbs', 7 of the black and tan 'tiger barbs', 3 of the black striped 'clown loaches', and finally 1 red tail shark which will be posted tomorrow.

I would love to see your second tank Electro Nerd.


WOW! you have some nice fish. I think that tropical fish are much more colorful than goldfish. I am going to put up my tropical fish tank. its a 1.5gallon but today im buying a 5 gallon for them. 

I love your betta.  Are those zebra danio's with him?  I am in the process of setting up my 10g fully planted tank and considering a betta similar to yours. 

Here are a few more pictures taken a few minutes ago.  The first one is the clown loach hideout with the red tail shark (RTS) on top.  Second is the tiger barb school.  Last is a closeup of the RTS.


you have nice fish.
I just finished setting up my 5g tank. and yes those are zebra danios.
I have 5 zebra danios 1 red delta tail betta I rescued from a tiny jar at petco, and I also have a plecostamus sucker fish. he never comes out cause he is nocturnal. my betta learned a trick that I tought him, he will jump for his food.

pics 038.jpgpics 037.jpgpics 039.jpgpics 044.jpgpics 040.jpgpics 041.jpgpics 042.jpg

I like your 5g for your betta, nice simple layout.  That black gravel should give your fish, in particular your betta, very vibrant colours.


8 years ago

ok here is my 1.5g tropical tank. im getting a 5g replacement though.
the last pic is my 5g goldie fish tank

pics 035.jpgpics 034.jpgpics 032.jpgpics 031.jpgpics 029.jpgpics 033.jpgpics 026.jpgpics 027.jpgpics 018.jpg