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price????? Answered


I was wondering how much should I price a embroidered linen towel for?


Depending on how much you spent on the linen towel and how long it takes to embroider, I'd say no less than $20. I'd honestly be more willing to lean towards $30 just because embroidery is time consuming. :)

As long as your stitching is neat, they shouldn't be able to tell! I still say go for it, regardless of your age. :)


2 months ago

Sending pictures of your work would cost less than shipping it off to be evaluated. I hope you are able to start a very successful business.

I agree with the others, and if your work is high quality, you could probably get more as a kid doing adult level work. I’d play up the kid role as much as possible; charm the pants off of people. If you don’t do live craft shows or farmers markets/ city and neighborhood functions, you should. I sell jewelry, but I often make more money Face Painting, as I do both at shows. Some shows have an entry fee, some are free, some will waive the entry fee for certain people and id bet you could make that happen! If you’d send some examples of your work to me, it would be a great deal easier to say.