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primer for book pages Answered

I have this Russian book I want to use as an art journal but unsure of what kind of primer to use on the pages. They are lightweight but not too thin, and a bit glossy. I'm attaching pictures. Any help will be greatly appreciated!


If the pages are light and glossy, they are probably already coated with something, either a layer of clay under the text, or a layer of varnish over it.

Paper can be prepared for printing or painting by sizing it. For the home crafter, that will probably be a mixture containing either starch, gelatine, or a mixture of both. If you have access to it, Japanese washi paper is sized with an extract of the tororo plant (look for tororo aoi). It is usually mixed into the pulp before forming the sheets, but I have heard of people dipping formed sheets in it as well.

When you're googling, look for surface sizing or surface size.

thank you SO much for your insight.... so I only have corn starch, would jello work for the gelatin or need to buy food gelatin? and where would I find washi paper? thanks for the google tip too, I had no idea what terms to use to search, so yay! haha I'm excited for this, I need simple but productive projects. thanx again

I would use food-grade gelatin.

Have a browse of the internet, it's usually the easiest way to get specialist materials.

Besides looking into things mentioned by Kiteman, get a bottle of mod podge (it is like white glue for decoupage but there are some secret ingredients in there) to try out. I think one thing about doing coatings on paper is that it will render the page transluscent and the printing on the other side may bleed through not giving you the look you want. Experiment. Good luck.