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printing recipes? Answered

How can I print out the recipes on the allcasseroles website??  Some of the recipes look delicious; but, my computer is in one room and the kitchen in another and computer can't be moved to the kitchen becuz it's a desktop computer.  I would appreciate how to print them out for free...thanks



5 years ago

In the browser that you are using under the file menu there should be an option for print preview. Click that and it will show you just what a printout will look like. You can drop the pages that only show the page format and have it print out the recipe. It may not look as good as if it was from a polished program but it will be readable.

You should be able to hit Ctrl+P and have them print. Or you can copy and paste it all to a word document and then print that. I assume your talking about this site.


worst case scenario, one can grab a recipe card and write the information down :D

If you have an iPod, tablet or smart phone, you could simply call it up on that and prop it up somewhere convenient to work from.