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problem with PS/2 to USB converter? Answered

I bought an PS/2 to USB converter for my keyboard. I figured out a new problem when i was playing NFS MW i can't drive a car by using the converter. Every button has to be pressed separately,

when i press a combination of steer left and accelerate button, the car moves left with a gain in speed when i release the steer left button the acceleration too stops, which is quite annoying while playing a racing game.

Can anything be done to make work as it is used in normal keyboard?



Often times PS/2 keyboards can only have 2 or 3 buttons pressed at a time maximum. Get a better keyboard :(

It could be a limitation of your converter also -- but I'd peg it down to the keyboard. Luckily multi-key usb keyboards can be had online very cheaply.

But once i have bought a PS/2 to USB converter which worked with the same keyboard. Is anything i can do in the converter.??

There is nothing an end user can modify in a cheap ps/2 usb converter. Seriously, replace the converter, or better get a new keyboard.

This is a problem that happened with me. Please take it back to the place you purchased it from. I know the horrible feeling of something not working.