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Problems copy/pasting arduino sketch code into my instructable Answered

Hi there, as I type this in the text box, I see  a source button at the far right of the formatting line, but when I edit my instructable I dont have this option, I have a much more basic range of options.

I have recently upgraded to pro membership and was wondering if I need to do something  to get this option to have nicely formatted source code in my instructable


Nope, for some reasons the better editor is only for creating a new topic.
I experimented with HTML codes for text boxes but never had any real use for it.
Not sure if the image function let's you upload code as well but this way you could at least offer a direct download.

Thanks for your reply :) I can upload the sketch as a file so I guess that will have to do :)

I have copied the Arduino code into a blank word document and then copy / pasted it in instructable editor. It works