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project for a human skull replica need to make a skull and i need idea how to make one does any body have an idea Answered

i need to make a replica of a skull  for biology can anyone maybe help me with an idea or an instructable need to give it in at the 30th of august


Find photos. Mix paper mache. Push paper mache around until it looks like the photos. (You probably want to do so over some sort of wire armature or other structural core, so the whole thing doesn't sag before it hardens.) Paint. Or go out and buy one, as others have suggested. Have fun.

Left things a little late?

try searching for school science suppliers

I was in a craft store recently (Michaels), they had cardboard skulls that were about 1/2 size for Halloween decorations (you paint them yourself). That could be a good starting point.

Also, how about those aquarium skulls for your fish tanks? While not accurate they look close enough.

Of course, whatever method you choose to start with make sure you get an anatomy book for a reference of what an actual skull looks like. good luck.