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projectile/ranged weapons (catapult, bow and arrow, rope dart) Answered

discuss ranged weapons


Shurikens. thoungh not very efficient at kill but they make good distraction and disableing. like punture the throut either they lose their abillity of speak or the die from blood lose or suffication. but my fav is the kuini just becuase it is just a big knife and i like knives i dont know but there aii good

Shuriken. Come in many shapes and sizes. Usualy a strait rod or with four points. Sometimes it had a hole in the middle. Mostly used for injuring and escape not a killing weapon because samuri armor was too thick.

Rope dart. If always wanted something like that were I could get it caught on something and swing or climb and would be stable and strong enough to hold people.

I think shuriken are the coolest range weapon I have come across in my travels. I like the four point ones because they are the hardest to break!

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