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projecting my laptop Answered

Ok so i decided to build the overhead lcd projector https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Projector-on-the-Cheap/ But i would really like to be able to project my laptop screen, how would I make the lcd screen show what my laptop is showing. My macbook has a mini-DVI port in it. can this be done?



9 years ago

does anyone know how to make that adapter (low on cash but have extra parts)

I just quickly glanced over the Instructable, but since it uses a monitor, I assume it has VGA input. If so, you just need a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter, which Apple conveniently sells.

wonderful, will i be able to see on both screens or will one black out

I just checked Mac Help--it said that the default setting was two identical images, but depending on the computer, you could also set it up as an extended desktop or a single external display.

I'm not sure...I've never tried it, I just know that you can get them. I think that you can switch between a duplicate screen, external monitor only, and a continuous desktop that connects between the two.