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published instructable not in search results Answered

Sorry if this has been asked a million times, I couldn't see it in the last few pages of questions. I've published my first instructable and entered it into a contest, it doesn't however appear in the search results. People can see it from my profile and friends can see it if I send them the link. Will it not appear in the search results until it's been accepted/declined from the contest I entered it into? Thanks in advance.


try emailing a member of staff

Euff! Just published my third ible and tripped the filters again! I must be cursed :D

You've got two, and if I copy the tags and use them as a search term I can find both. What words are you searching with? L

Oh. Woops I forgot about this thread. It was fixed soon after I posted emailed Fungus Amungus. The first one I posted tripped the filters and needed to be approved. The second one I wrote was included in the search results straight away. Thanks anyway though.

Yep. Mine's definitely hung up. I'll try E-Mailing Fungus Amungus as you said. Thanks!

It would be interesting to know what triggers these filters.

For instance, I made one that could be considered dangerous (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Tranquilizer-Darts/) but no more so than any others on the site.

While it has only been a matter of minutes since my posting, it seems like my Altoids Tin Instructable fired up almost immediately, while this one and my camp stove didn't. Just curious is all.

The most likely answer is that your project has triggered a filter.

Give it a couple of days and if iit still doesn't show send a PM to Ed and ask him to check.

I was under the impression that Randofo was the one to contact regarding items stuck in the filters?

Either can help - it's just that Ed is Content Manager.

I once got a reply from Ed when asking for an instructable to be removed from the filters saying that Randy was the best one to contact.

Awww :( I sent a nice polite message to Ed, since I published my instructable on Saturday. I'll wait for him to reply as to whether he can do it or if I should bother Randofo.

Thanks Kiteman. Do you know of a list of these filters? I don't think I broke any rules in writing my instructable.

The lists aren't public, so that people who do genuinely dodgy projects can't get around them.. I can't see anything wrong in your project, just relax and go with the flow - you will not miss out on your entry to the contest, because they take the published date as the day you click the button, not the day it shows up in the lists.