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quick / cheap fix for parquet floor ? Answered

Hello all, The plastik-ish thing that covers my parquet floor is peeling off. Is there a cheap and easy way to repair that? It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to look decent. Some spray perhaps? Something safe for a baby too. Some liquid that you apply with a mop? I've been "googling" but of course all that comes up is advertisement and PR. Even the DIY advices are like "you need to sand and you need to rent this machine ..." Simpler is better. Thanks! J.


Are you talking about just the glossy coating on your floor wearing away in spots or a chunk of wood missing from the wood pattern in the parquet floor? If only a spot is worn, you may be able to hand sand it or use an orbital power hand sander. Get a wood finish pamphlet from the hardware store to match up the polyurethane stain/clearcoat to use to refinish the floor in that spot if you do not intend to do the entire floor. Stuff like "mop and glow" is just used for cleaning up the floor that has been properly finished. I don't think those "as seen on TV" products work.

There is water-based polyurethane so the smell isn't too bad. But when it dries, it should be safe, it is the same stuff they use to coat gym floors.

I sell Cabot's CFP water-based. Good stuff.... Touch dry in 30mins, re-coat 2 hrs Sippin' beers on the veranda by the afternoon. Oil Based- Touch dry 8 hrs re-coat 22hrs. not a one day-a .

I sell "estapols" and polyurethane floor coatings. Had some one ask the same question today. Where it has come away / worn off does it have a whiteish line around the edge of the worn area? Will it "pick" away if you try? If so it is probably a hard wearing floor finish estapol or a polyurethane coating. If this is the case then a flooring estapol will bond with only a minor sanding to remove the "gloss" level and make the surface opaque or scratched looking. Probably a 240 or finer grit. It will be a good idea to "feather out" those edges. Think of it like doing a top coat as you would when first doing the floor. Do a test section first and chances are it will blend. If not you need to take the floor back futher and re-do the immediate area. Or is there no defined edge just a faded area? If you wet it does it blend back in? Chances are it's a penetrative oil. But "peeling off" doesn't sound like an oil.. Although I have never seen estapols "peel" off either, perhaps flake/chip... But anyway, have to go sleep so I can give customers decent advice tomorrow.

. Depends on what type of material you're working with. . For a real parquet floor, I think caitlinsdad's "spot repair" should work well. Really no way to avoid doing some sanding. If you've never done any refinishing, it's going to be difficult to make the patch match. . A lot of the cheap, faux parquets are actually just printed designs and won't stand up to sanding. I'd contact the manufacturer and see what they recommend. I've seen (but didn't pay much attention to) some "reconditioning" products for vinyl flooring that may work. . . There's always the ol' throw-a-rug-over-it trick.