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"Ask the Experts" DVD launch. Answered

A few users may have heard about me speaking at a conference with some other youths to 350 people, this was the launch of a great DVD made to help teachers, counsellors, youth workers and many other people understand about bereavement from a teenager's or a child's perspective.

It was a great project collaboration between Cruse Bereavement Care, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer care and Barnardos. I was on this project from the planning stage, after the grant from the Big deal lottery Fund had been approved. The project took us to the Share centre on a planning day followed by a weekend where we got all the footage for the final project.

Not long after the same project took me to Westminster Abbey to speak to MP's and Lords about the state of government help and counselling for bereaved children and teenagers, that initiative was started by MP Alex Davey who was in the same position as a teenager and hopes to improve care for these things throughout the UK.

The project was a great thing to do and I personally enjoyed the hoohah out of it.

The end product is a great resource and I would really recommend it to any teacher or counsellor who deals with teens, it could help a lot of people, even the likes of clergymen and ministers. I'm not just saying this because I'm in it but that surely helps, it was received really well by everyone at the conference which broached many topics and had a lot of interesting material at it.

We also did another youth panel though this time we were asked set questions about the project rather than the audience be able to ask.

The DVD should be available from cruse soon, I honestly do think it's worthwhile...

Some press about the launch...
Press release


Will you post a link when it's ready?

Yes indeed, personally damn proud of this one... It was surprising how many teachers just took it in without question, then complained about the counsellor system in place since most kids don't know the counsellor and aren't technically allowed to be helped by teachers, who they know already... Seems silly...

It's the joys of "child protection" - we see a child in floods of tears, and we have to think twice about even patting their shoulder.

It's completely unreasonable, in my own opinion anways, I understand the need for some modicum of restraint but you should be able to help a child, I remember giving a teacher a hug and they asked if I was trying to trick them in to getting sued...


9 years ago