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"CUZ IM" Script Plz? Answered

Well, I heard about a few scripts to make your browser not show K'nex projects, etc. I was wondering if Zachninme, (I think you made them), could make one to hide the "CUZ IM" comments perhaps? Ooh, btw, how do you apply those scripts?


Please delete. And if you do spam it, can you make the picture smaller? it's annoying having a huge DJ ~~LOSER~~ Radio thing ~~on forum topics~~ anywhere on Instructables.

Hey Mike, try the GM* comment rater script, its wonders!

*Grease Monkey.
Not GorillazMiko.

As long as you have Firefox and Greasemonkey installed, yup.

It works on all OS's! :D

Opera also supports "user scripts", which is the same thing as GM. Safari/Webkit has GreaseKit, although I haven't tested it.

My browser, Epiphany, also has a greasemoneky extension, so maybe your unknown browser will have support too!

IE has this, although it seems a bit harder to use. It should still work, though.

I tried it on greasemetal for chrome, but no joy. :( Depression...sadness...

It just doesn't work, or you can't install the script? If its the latter, I can try to make the script better.

I think I installed it correctly-it said to install all I had to do was save the script to my documents, and greasemetal would do the rest. So I did, but it doesn't seem to do anything...

Greasemetal ? COOOOOL, what does that program do ;-) sounds awsome...all I have is Greasemonkey

I tried but, *sigh* didn't work.

LOL yeah I know. Last time zachninme (is that how you spell it?) posted a new forum about a new GM script and I was like :o and then I was like :(.


where do i get it?

meh, the one you replied to was the result of a bug, i meant to post only the first one

I never intended for this to be spam, therefore, it is not spam

whatever, im letting you and others win this time, im deleting the other comment. sheesh, you people flame out endlessly just over a few comments you dont like. i mean, its just a comment, whats the point?

I wanted to do that, but I just didn't want to make something solely for him.

Well, I have time to because I have no life :D

HAHA, YOU ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I still won. Just because it's your avatar doesn't mean anything. At least it doesn't say "i can haz awesum cuz im dj rad jeo"

no thats my script "Checkmate"

haha, i figured out how to put it in every comment without getting flamed for it!

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You said bumpus, I didn't see anything there about me.....

why should i mention you? bumpus made this topic

Oh geez. I meant, I flagged your comment. CUZ I

Think it's annoying!

well, dont i have a right to express my opinion? i mean, come on, its catchy

In all reality, no. You don't have the right to express your opinion on here.



The constitution only outlines what the government can and cannot do. Freedom of speech only applies to government regulations. Individuals, corporations, or agreementholders can censor you. They need to have some sort of authority over you, of course.
For instance a mall can't prevent you from bashing their policies online, but they can kick you out if you try doing it inside.

If you did know this, and you were just trying that "humor" thing again... you failed... again...

no, i never knew that, btw, i was jk, notice the smiley on the end

. We do not have the right to be here, Ibles grants us the privilege (and can take it away).

When it comes right down to it, George Carlin denied that we have ANY rights (defining rights as universal), but we only have Privileges, in any case. :-)