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"Color" isn't a word? Answered

Self Explanitory. Put your face closer if you can't see it.


It's because people in Great Britain think they're better than we are!

We would exist we would just be speaking with a different accent

And language. And culture. And basic way of life. You do the maths.

WOOT 1776!!! ****but I still spell it coloUr*****

Yeah. When I was a kid, I went to a private school in a small coastal tow which had retained a great bit of English culture and language. SO my spelling and pronunciation stuck out like a sore thumb when I moved to a public school way up in the Appalachain hills! (centre, colour, flavour, etc,)

I would exist. I would just probably be speaking Italian, or German =P

Agreed. Otherwise they'd be Better Brittain!

Well you are our theoretical "children", as parents we have to control your crazy spelling

escapees from the prision of "putting u's in words" :D

but the place we are in now is still the prison


i use colour, its the proper way to spell it

Colour. British spelling. Americans can't spell properly :P

He says, further bumping the topic. Much like I am doing now.

We're more for conserving our letters for necessary use: colour, is bad enough, but programme is over the top.....

Yes but you are using the incorrect US english dictionary. Learn to use the correct UK dictionary.

No. I used the correct American spelling. You used the Correct English spelling.

It also says that "Instructable" and "Instructables" are not words. It recommends changing it to "instruct able".

I was taught to spell it Colour, but apparently Color is how most people spell it, probably just because it's easier and it's how the brits spell it.

Armour not armor too :)

Well, not only do they spell all their words wrong, they can't even get the right dictionary...

ps, its not showing up as an error.

ignore it!

It's called "English"...

But... why? The instructables HQ is in america, isn't it?

Aye but you might have the wrong version of FF dictionary for your area, granted it's technically the right way.

He's checking it with the Instructables Spellchecker; Firefox has nothing to do with it.

I've always spelled it colour!? Maybe us hillfolk look a little more positively on language of the land of our origin! As a point of reference, all my family names are good English (and Socts-Irish) ones. Bentley, Eaton, Hamilton, Reeves, Norman, Brice, Whitehurst, etc.

Kiteman must have hacked instructables.

I should have expected it