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"Cracking" a game Answered

Can someone please tell me how to "crack" a game torrent. Is there a certain type of software that I can download for free? If so please list it and can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this(cracking). What exactly does it mean to crack a game? Remember I am dealing with streaming torrents that have been downloaded from the internet! Thanks



9 years ago

"Cracking" a game means modifying it to run without having the evidence of having legally purchased the game that would normally be required (normally a "key" included in the documentation, so simpler "cracks" are simply a list of known keys either derived or stolen from various places.)

This is wrong, of course. People can debate it's degree of wrongness compared to overpriced games for ... weeks (let's not!)

I bought a game for someone as a gift for someone once. Turned out someone had already opened the package at the store and stolen the key, which had already be "used up", so the recipient of the gift couldn't register it, or use it, and I never did manage to get it straightened out. So it's not just the game companies that get hurt by such actions... Grr.

Hey thanks for the information...the way you put it seems like I can get in trouble or something for this...I didn't know that...I am new to this kind of thing and just figured that some people wanted to (willingly) share their game files after they have finished the games. I didnt know sometimes they are stolen. Well I dont want to be involved in anything like that. Thanks for the head up! And dont bite my head off...LOL...meow:)

I don't know how likely it is for an individual to get in trouble from a game manufacturer. Frankly, it's more likely that the program claiming to crack your game will be some sort of malware (virus, spyware, rootkit) that will do bad things to your machine (doesn't apply to simplecd keys, of course.) After all, the people who don't care about game company rights probably don't care much about YOU either. Of course, the "difficulty" in re-selling a used game is one of the tick marks AGAINST the game manufacturers in this "contest of inappropriate actions." I did try to be pretty negative on the "cracking" idea without getting too far over the line into head-biting, since it sounded like you honestly didn't understand what "cracking" was about...