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"Double Cream" was called for in an ice cream recipe. What can I substitute? Answered

Wikipedia defines "double cream" as 48% butterfat cream, which is not available in the US. The highest butterfat cream I've seen is 30-36% max. Can I mix melted, unsalted butter or ghee with the cream, and if so, what are the proportions? Or should I simmer the heavy cream until it is reduced somewhat? I'm looking for easy-but-good.


The heaviest cream in the US is Manufacturers Cream. You can get it some restaurant supply grocery stores. I buy it at Smart and Final.

Don't add butter unless you want buttery ice cream. You cannot dissolve butter back into the buttermilk/cream. Once they separate, they stay that way. The 36% cream will be fine. You will get very nice rich ice cream.

See my How to Make Butter Instructable to learn a little more about cream and butterfat.

More fat makes a smoother ice cream. It's really the texture that changes, not as much the flavor. Less fat makes ice cream with more ice crystals.

Thanks for the tip - I'd never heard of Manufacturers Cream before!

You could try the 30-36%, it's not THAT much lower, I'm sure it'd still work in icecream, even if it's not quite as nice. Another alternative is to try one of the vegetable oil ice cream recipes. I know it sounds improbable, but a friend of mine makes ice cream with veg oil instead of cream, I didn't believe it didn't have cream in until he let me help him make it. It's really really tasty.

Thanks for the tip! I will check out the vegetable oil ice creams - sounds like a cholesterol watcher's dream come true ;@)

I use heavy whipping cream (35%) in my ice cream and it is very creamy and smooth with great flavor.


9 years ago

That butterfat level should do fine. It is feasible to add melted butter, but only clarified butter ( ghee ).

Ice-cream can be made as said, with oil, or even milk, so the butterfat level is only for flavour, not as an absolute.

You need heavy cream to achieve the same result, so there isn't really a substitute. But the 30-36% should do you well-enough I reckon. L

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