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random 6 LED light circuit? Answered

I want to either make from scratch or purchase as a kit, a 6 LED, random generator.  

What I need it to do is circle through the LED's randomly for 5 seconds or so , and then finally light 1 LED up for 10 second or so. 

Any help would be much appreciated.  



4 years ago

Here are two examples


In general ""random" generators actually go through a predetermined sequence BUT very fast. When you stop the sequence the result is as random as you can get.

So a 55 timer, 4017 decade counter driving 6 LEDS will do the tick. A btton to star stop the 555 timer and your away - Lots of ccts for 40117

Just Google random number generator you will get tones to build or buy and look for one that does what you want or can be modified to do what you want.

Tried that and it doesn't bring up what I was looking for. Finally worked out though what i needed to type in was decision maker circuit andthis brought-up a heap of good ideas.

Thanks for your help.

Learn to use an Arduino and your all set.