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It just occurred to me that Instructable ratings are based in part on the necessity to return to the Instructable to review instructions. Instructables that have steps that are intuitive and/or easy to remember may not get any ratings. In other words good ratings equal Instructable complicated enough to require several visits. That leaves number of views. With a nude or two you could probably get a lot of visitors and a very high rating as well. ;-(



10 years ago

Well, not really. You can just bookmark the iBle instead. And anyway, that kind of stuff isn't allowed here.

If you bookmark then the author does not know you have any interest, unlike eBay where the number of item watchers are shown to the seller. If a seller knows a lot of people are watching then he may not end a sale early. If someone bookmarks an Instructable then the author will not know and the author may delete it thinking there is lack of interest. Therefore the only way to show interest is either by comment or by rating. Rating is faster.

If it's something worth repeated visits to it, then it's probably worth a rating or comment, IMHO.

A member or visitor can come across an Instructable and not view it or view it, bookmark it or not bookmark it, only a member can rate it if they are signed in. Rather than sign in a member might just bookmark it instead of rating it. There is no side by side option for bookmarking or rating. Rating also provides a list of Instructables the member likes for other members to see. This could be the actual motive for rating rather than merit of the Instructable. The question is: On what are ratings based? Comparison of one Instructable with another Instructable? Simply a thumbs up? How necessary or easy doing the same thing might be? The rating system lacks categories which most rating systems have such as picture and text clarity, ease of following the Instructable, ease of implementing, etc.

But the rating system also gives a nice, 'I like it' feel where you can just +1 instructables you find good, that and the majority of members leave a comment if they make something and usually rate too. Look at who's commented one of your instructables saying they've made it or did it then look at the they like it thing.

Well you could retain the +1 system and improve it by adding a +1 to viewers ratio but I prefer giving the viewer a wider range of choices. Otherwise you don't know if a +1 means just barely like it or like it a whole lot. If I were trying to get an idea of how people liked a couple of new soda syrups I made then I would want them to rate each one on the basis of a -10 to +10 rating so I would know which one to market. With a +1 system they might leave me unable to make any decision, much less the right one.

Is it possible to remove a rating? I rated something by accident, and I really didn't think the 'ible was all that hot.

Go back to the same 'ible - there may be an option to "unrate" it, just as the "fave" button becomes an "un-fave" button.

Yeah, I think I just got a little confused. Thanks for the tip.