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re use airsoft bbs Answered

hi i have an airsoft pistol and was wondering if it is ok to reuse the bbs i shoot


Do you have a 6.01 mm barrel?

the bb but im pretty sure that the barrel is 6.0 or 6.01 but i was told only springs can reuse bbs

Most airsoft barrels are 6.03 mm. Those are the ones that you can reuse bbs in. As you get better quality guns, the barrel will be smaller, allowing for less room for error in the BB. When BBs are shot, sometimes they can dent, chip, or just plain break. Mishaps in a BB will cause damage to your gun.

Also, What gun do you have?

Kind of a necro response, but the above first two sentences are false.

Airsoft barrels vary from as low as 6.01 all the way to 6.1 (possibly more than that on either end).

A higher quality gun does not necessarily have a tighter barrel (CAs come with a 6.04, i think) , and a tighter barrel is not necessarily better.

You can reuse any bb that is not misshapen or damaged in any gun (although at 6.01 its iffy) , but preferably only for testing purposes.

Ok yes you are right it varies. But generally higher quality guns will come with a tighter barrel, which cant be too expensive so i guess companies just charge more based on performance and namebrand cockyness... not just to make 35% profit on everything they make but for a better gun they will try to get 45%, idk really just a thought.

Nope. Higher end guns (in fact, guns in general) are more likely to come with 6.04 or above. I'm pretty sure no company uses 6.01 barrel stock. In fact, wider bore barrels are more accurate if you subscribe to the theories of hunterseeker.

Due to this, BB manufacturers have begun making ammo smaller, so despite the rush to buy 6.01s, players will still have halfway accurate guns.

I have a smith and wesson M&P pistol co2 pretty sweat

Lol, pretty sweat?

Nice. I have a Daisy pistol(clear and orange, spring, 300 fps), and crossman pulse R-71 (clear and black, electric, 250 fps)or something.

Not the best, but good enough for me.

this depends entirely on how much you value your gun, and the quality of it. Higher power guns can actually deform BBs, so in this case it would be a bad Idea. If you don't have lots of money into your guns, and you don't care about accuracy, wash em up and use em again.