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really cool pez? Answered

Does anyone have any ideas on making a really cool pez dispenser?
I want it to be creative and different to any other modern pez avalible.

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jcousins (author)2011-11-07

I have been thinking about a 'Steampunk' PEZ dispenser. I cannot begin to make one but I bet somone else could do it !!!

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skittlespider (author)2010-12-20

As the other person said, you could try sculpy or some other modeling clay.  Also you could make a mold of something and convert it into a Pez dispenser.

I have made a few things that could be re-worked into Pez dispensers:
Dr. Mario statue and homemade action figures 

I didn't make this one, but you could do something like this too:
Semi-automatic Pez dispenser

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