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record from micro wired pinhole camera to usb flash drive? Answered

is it possible? and if so, how would i do it?

this is the camera im using:  www.okbuynow.com/images/l/chinavasion-CVAJK-007-2-crd.jpg



 To do this without a computer, you would need a special router which you would initially connect to your computer to set it up. You would also possibly need an adapter to convert the RCA outputs to a Cat5 cable for attaching to the router. The router you would need to get would have a USB slot which you would plug your flash-drive into. I believe you can buy this security equipment so there would be no need to hack anything. 

 One would think that if you could snap the memory chip into a USB adapter then you should be able to go the other way and rig a thumb-drive for use with a camera with some sort of adapter, right? But it's just not simple at all, because I believe the thumbdrive requires much more power than a chip. By the time you rig up an extra power supply and extra wires, the camera will be too clunky to use, so the best option probably is to carry your netbook around with you in a backpack, perhaps tethered to the camera. The inventors of the camera-phone could probably tell you a better way. I would like to hack a blue-tooth chip into my camera and have it upload to my blue-tooth capable phone or to my netbook.  
If you do find a way to use a USB device as your camera's storage device, then why not use an external USB hard drive or DVD burner? Those options should be less expensive per Gig than even the thumb drive. This should be possible since there are video cameras on the market with built-in hard drives and DVD recorders. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but I did want to encourage you by pointing out that it should definitely be possible. 

Sure.  You feed the output of the camera into a computer then download that file to the usb drive.  The camera isn't set up to write to the flash drive.