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recycle/reuse/repurpose Answered

I am looking for projects that are kid friendly (7/8 y.o.) for making things out of existing items - projects that are fun to make while teaching kids how to reuse/recycle/repurpose.  Thanks!!!

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BGR8FUL (author)Creativeman2011-09-13

Looks like a really fun project! Thanks

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BGR8FUL (author)2011-09-12

It really looks cool and I'll definitely put that on a to-do list for a home activity. I guess I should have specified I am looking for activities for a classroom. Something the kids can do mainly on their own with a bit of guidance. Thanks for your suggestion domfeef!

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dombeef (author)2011-09-12

Maybe my claw 2.0 design out of old cardboard boxes?

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Kiteman (author)2011-09-11

Have you got any specific theme in mind?  Or a known range of materials?  We might be able to suggest specific projects.

In the mean time, try starting with these links:




Some of my own projects (click here) are kid-friendly, and many use recycled materials.

You can also search the site using the google-powered box at the top-right of every page - try looking for the materials you have available.

Finally, if you are an educator or scouting leader, you can get a free pro membership (click here for details).

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